Meet the Founders


Scott Colletti

Scott Colletti has over 25 years of experience in managing all aspects of a third-generation flooring business. His vision, understanding, and professionalism have allowed him to respond to the changing times and create a successful commercial restoration and door business, adding to the already productive flooring company.  His dedication to his family and employees allowed him to proceed with a successful transition and keep the integrity of a business that takes care of the employees and values the community that has supported them.

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Scott’s enthusiasm and creativity have inspired him to become an owner of That Meetball Place in Patchogue. This illustrates his passion for food and the opportunity to create a place where loved ones can gather.

Scott has used his success to create awareness and fundraise for many charities and for those in need. An early example is when the people of Sri Lanka found themselves devastated after the tsunami in 2004. Scott and his partner, Michael VanDenburg, used their contacts and shared their efforts to create an orphanage to provide shelter and care to the many victims’ children.

The Promise of Hope Foundation is the representation of Scott and Michael’s continuous efforts to motivate positive change and improve the lives of others. One of Scott’s favorite quotes by Mark Twain says, “You are never wrong to do the right thing.” Scott will always remember these words and use them as a guide to focus his time, energy, and resources to help others.

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Michael VanDenburg

A native Long Islander, Michael’s dreams for success never came with a silver spoon. Michael’s success story is built through hard work and determination. Recognizing as a pre-teen that the first step in climbing a mountain starts at the bottom has embedded early character-building for his entrepreneurial spirit and continues to drive Michael today.

Rarely do self-made men achieve success without experiencing some pitfalls in their journey. At age 20, with no fondness for formal education,

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but a strong desire to make his success story, Michael started his own business with only the capital saved from the hourly jobs of his teens. Despite the passion for greatness, that company failed. While that chapter was complete, the next chapter would set the stage. Michael began a new career – as a commission-only salesperson with Milburn Flooring. With the same passion and work ethic, his success was overwhelming which earned Michael a partnership in the family-owned and operated business, started in 1959.

Michael and his business partner, Scott Colletti, a third-generation owner, have grown together and their partnership has produced three other businesses started from the ground up. Through Milburn Flooring, Michael and Scott have since added Renu Contracting, Sunrise Door Solutions, and That Meetball Place restaurant.

The character of a self-made man speaks volumes, especially as is the case with Michael in never forgetting the road traveled.  The tsunami of 2004 deeply affected all as we watched the poor children in Sri Lanka homeless and parentless. Michael was quick to react, along with Scott, and within 45 days, contacts were made in Sri Lanka and through their efforts, they had raised enough money to build a brand-new orphanage.

Michael’s efforts are altruistic and will continue to impact those in need. He is the president of the Suffolk County Police Foundation and has been active in many charitable causes, including The Marty Lyons Foundation, where he was the 2012 recipient of the Man of the Year award, and the Nassau County Police Benevolent Association where he was recognized as their 2019 Man of the Year.  Michael has been a devoted supporter of The A.M.T. Children of Hope Foundation and sits on the board of directors for Hope House Ministries where he has been involved for over fifteen years and is the driving force behind the ministry’s annual Golf Classic.

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