Hope Supporters

The Promise of Hope Foundation acknowledges with sincerest gratitude the constant support we receive from the donors listed.  They've shown us time and again that they believe and trust in our mission and desire to help our community.  They have continually supported our causes and their level of compassion is nothing short of inspirational.  Without these supporters we could not have the impact or effect we have been fortunate enough to provide.

Ambassadors of Hope

Branch Services Inc.
JCB Broderick and Associates
Landtek Group
Seaford Ave Corp.
Milburn Flooring
RENU Contracting Restoration
Park East Construction
Selective Associates
Nickerson Corporation
A1 Reliable
Harvard Electric
Charlie Colletti

Commissioners of Hope

School Construction Consultants
BBS Architects
Cherokee Contracting, Inc.
Arrow Steel Window
Ashlar Contracting LLC
Double R Contracting
That Meetball Place
Arsenal Scaffolding
HNE Equipment Corp.
Sapphire Restoration Corp.
American Recreational Products
More Consulting
Proper PH Pools
Builders First Choice
Zabell & Collotta, PC
John A. Grillo Architects