97 WWII Veteran Rev. Dr. Eugene Purvis Needs Help

Eugene and Sylvia Purvis have been confined to the first level of their home, so the Promise of Hope Foundation stepped in to give them a new handicap bathroom on the main floor.  The Purvis’s were in need of daily help due to their declining physical health.  Promise of Hope started a GoFundMe page to raise money for home health aides raising money on their behalf to help to make sure these honorable people, and great Americans live their remaining years with the dignity, admiration and respect they deserve.


Cover Our Kids Campaign

The Promise of Hope Foundation along with RENU Contracting Restoration and Milburn Flooring launched a campaign to “Cover Our Kids”.  They teamed up to donate over 200,000 non-surgical masks that are FDA certified and CE-approved to our local communities through school districts across Suffolk, Nassau and Westchester counties. A pack of masks were given with meals to students in need during the school shutdown.
Once it became required to wear masks in places where you cannot social distance and some stores would not allow you in without one our mission was to get some form of PPE to families who may have even greater difficulty accessing some.  Each student on a school lunch program was given masks to take home to their family.

Driving our Mission and Empowering our Youth

Promise of Hope Foundation found its way to i-tri through no coincidence.  We stand with the mission of i-tri to empower the minds and hearts of our young women as they learn to look inward to find and believe in their own strengths while helping others find theirs.
Promise of Hope donated to the i-tri cause and supported the youth distance triathlon.  We watched proudly as our young women stepped up to the starting line and ran for distance.  They pushed and challenged themselves and worked even harder never giving up.  As they reached that finish line we saw them prove to themselves that they were even stronger then they thought when they started.  This feat is one we want these girls to hold on to and we hope to help foster through providing our support to i-tri.

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Melissa Marchese

An accident causing a sudden loss impacts a community.  The Promise of Hope Foundation learned about the accident that took the life of Melissa Marchese, a standout athlete and student about to graduate and embark on her new journey to college.

"A loss like this shakes a community and devastates a family.  It is our mission to absorb the burdens during impossible times so family and friends can gather and grieve this beloved young woman in the way that tragedy implores."

Promise of Hope Foundation absorbed the cost of the arrangements for the Marcheses' to ease stress and focus their energy on family, friends and remembering Melissa.


Miss Mollie's Journey

Her incredible strength was an inspiration and being able to give back to Miss Mollie was a gift to the Promise of Hope Foundation.  After battling and beating bouts of life-threatening illness while being the only parent at home Miss Mollie was having trouble keeping her family afloat.  We were captured by the heart-warming story her daughter Melanie had written and placed in a store expressing the pride she had and the courage of her mother as she dove into the risk and hard work of starting up her own brownie business called Miss Mollies Brownies to help make ends meet.  The Promise of Hope Foundation took the opportunity to use Miss Mollies Brownies for an upcoming event favor but once we learned about the news that they were in danger of losing their home we were able to raise enough money to help Miss Mollie and her family for months to come.


The McMorris Family

During the most unexpected and darkest moment the McMorris family had to endure the Promise of Hope Foundation looked for a way to relieve the family of the most unthinkable undertaking of laying their 12-year-old son Andrew to rest.

"We felt it was a time for family and friends to find solace in being able to focus on remembering the life and love of Andrew."

The Promise of Hope Foundation covered the arrangements so the McMorris family could focus on remembering their beloved Andrew.

Through our experience with the McMorris family their strength has taught us so much.  Their story was so real to us that Promise of Hope Foundation has implemented a Safe Ride Home policy at all our events, where we provide a service ensuring that no one leaves an event who is impaired or not able to drive.

This family has also become mentors to other grieving families that have experienced unspeakable unexpected tragedies.  The McMorris family proves to be a perfect example of how we can help each other through our own life experiences.  The lives that were taken too soon serve to inspire and help others.

Fundraiser for the Nassau County PBA Widow and Orphans Fund

A Fundraiser was held in December 2018 to help support the families of Nassau County fallen police officers by raising money for the Nassau County PBA Widows and Orphans Fund.  We were honored to have had the families of Brian R. Abbondandelo and Luis A. Palermo Jr., who have both passed due to 9/11 related illnesses join us for an evening of remembrance and solidarity in the continued efforts to take care of the families of those who have served us.

Donating to Long Island Veterans Home

Scott Colletti celebrated his birthday December 6th by delivering blankets to veterans on behalf of the Promise of Hope Foundation along with a gift card for the volunteers that run the facility to purchase much needed items.
The facility was bustling with so many eager helpers, full of energy and focused on their tasks when he arrived.  He was warmly met by Michele Chessman, seen in this picture, and he too was moving right along with her.  Ms. Chessman was kind enough to give him a tour showing him where the funds that are donated go: providing programs to support veteran’s needs, purchasing winter hats and gloves, toiletries, wheel chair accessories, games and movies, towels, recreational needs and so much more.
The impeccable care given to such deserving people was impressive and inspiring that Scott brought his son and his peers back on Christmas Eve to spend time and talk with the veterans.


Stony Brook Cancer Center "Adopt a Family"

The Promise of Hope Foundation adopted a family from a much deserving single mother who is a breast cancer patient at the Stony Brook Cancer Center. We were able to bring some joy to her and her son through gifts including a bed for her son, cloths and winter items as well as toys and money for food and traveling. This gracious mother let us visit with her and set up the presents under the tree. We delivered gifts to her house and were helped by more angels that offered their own truck to help with the delivery.  In turn the eager Promise of Hope volunteers were given the gift of hearing her voice happier and stronger than before while expressing her surprise and gratitude for a delivery that made her family's holiday.

Paid off Holiday Layaways at Walmart

Michael and Scott went to the local Walmart a week before Christmas and paid off over $10,000 worth of layaways for the families and their holiday gifts. While they were working with the employees one transaction at a time two separate women came in to make small payments towards their totals.  Michael and Scott stood by at the next counter and gestured to the cashier to add those totals to theirs.  The customers were beyond touched, one brought to tears as she stood in shock.  The relief that the Promise of Hope donations brought to our neighbors during stressful and trying times warmed the hearts of Michael and Scott who were fortunate enough to experience the gratitude first hand.


Donation to the LI Against Domestic Violence

The Promise of Hope Foundation dropped off generous donations in the form of gift cards during the holiday season to the Director of Development for LI Against Domestic Violence.  The shelter used these cards to assist clients in the shelter. There are times when clients come in and they have nothing at all.  These donations help to meet their basic needs or help get comfort items that people take for granted.

Donation to the Stony Brook Cancer Center

Some of the funds that were raised after the inaugural gala in May of 2018 were given to the Stony Brook Cancer Center. This donation was earmarked for cancer patient programs that allows the SBCC to provide items that patients need during times of crisis.  Financial hardships due to treating disease are all too common and donations like this enabled the center to help provide patients and their families with everyday items like groceries, house cleaning services, educational programs, gas cards etc. We know the effects that these donations have and continue to work with and support the SBCC whenever we can.