Promise Of Hope Supports The Empowerment Of Young Girls

“This is so amazing !!! Thank you so much -honestly is an answer to my prayers right now!”-words expressed by Theresa Roden an amazing woman and founder of the non- profit foundation. I-tri. Please find their inspiring mission at

How did we come to find the opportunity to help ? It all started when a family member mentioned this year instead of going out for her birthday or receiving gifts to celebrate. This year she was inviting her tribe of woman, she surrounds herself with and has walked through fire together, including me, to her home for a party for all of us- a Goddess party! It was a night to celebrate our power as women and celebrate each other without judgement. History illustrates the difference in treatment and rights a woman has had. The difference would create the perception that we are less than and not contributing as much as our fellow humans. But as i hope all of you know and our society well illustrates is ….we are literally doing it “ALL”).

There was a part of the evening that we were invited to mention something good about us…and this was a difficult task! In a room filled with accomplished and successful adult woman. But yet each one of us, took pause, needed more time, stuttered..some accidentally mentioning what was wrong with us instead. And this in itself embodies what I-tri is working to change. To change this pattern and foster confident young girls in a powerful and dynamic way!
Not only did this family member, invite us for a beautiful evening she asked her guests , if they were to bring something, let it be for The Promise of Hope’s second annual Gala this past March. The woman were GENEROUS!! Of course- they are goddesses! And it served as one of the most successful auctions and included, a weekend in the Barzilay families home in a beautiful area on Long Island.
The momentum of giving all born from the fire of a woman..blazing the way…to inspire others. So committed to this- they decided to match a portion of the auction amount from themselves and we decided it would go towards the mission of creating the next generation of women to be able to say “THANK YOU IT’STRUE!” When someone compliments them.
During this time I was speaking with many about this cause and someone mentioned Theresa’s amazing foundation formed on the same premise and reaching so many at risk young girls and building them up emotionally, socially and physically and preparing them to move forward in life with tools to succeed and believe in themselves, even when others may say, “your not good enough!”
And as you have said to yourself once or twice, there are no coincidences , I certainly did when I heard that I-tri’s home base is close to the Barzilay’s and someone they both know within their community. So with the Barzilay’s donation and one from Promise of Hope , we are helping them with costs needed to execute the race the girls will run, swim and bike this Saturday! (See flyer) as the culmination of the program.
Promise of Hope’s mission is to provide assistance, encouragement, and support to individuals, families and other foundations in need. Our desire is to provide hope and improve the needs that exist in our communities. We are committed to creating positive empowerment. I-tri is run solely by donations. So the spirit of the Barzilay family and goddesses and their families involvement I know will help change these girls lives and inspire others to shine their light!
Thank you to all that contributed and thank you Theresa Roden and all the volunteers and professionals supporting you for all that you do. And most importantly for allowing myself, and my partners Scott and Michael the opportunity to be a part of your mission.
I will be there this Saturday to cheer the girls and their families. I hope to see you there.

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